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Experts in designing beautifully crafted websites that boost engagement.

Bring your brand to life with our website design service, working with your business to create a unique website bringing a return on creativity that boosts engagement.

Website design tailored to your brand.

We focus on designing websites that will convert and engage with your customers.
Being one of Suffolks leading web design companies based in Bury St Edmunds, we understand the significant impact that a well-designed website can have on getting your brand noticed online.

At Design for Online®, we collaborate with you to build your online brand and increase sales for your business, whether it be through an ecommerce website or a lead generation site.

Website design services

This involves working with you as part of the design process, developing design framework that you are happy with and represents your business and overall brand. This process includes determining the appropriate colour palette, fonts, layout, styling and imagery. We create initial designs for you to review and then make revisions as needed to ensure that the final design fully meets your satisfaction.
We spend time customising and designing product pages that look unique but also follow a design customers are used to seeing. We then work through the navigation flow of the user and how they would expect to navigate around a normal e-commerce store, prompting sections such as "if you liked this" or "On Sale" sections further engaging visitors to increase overall purchase intent.
After we launch your website, we offer an initial website management to make sure any issues are ironed out and that you become familiar with the website. Our service includes regular updates, design tweaks, plugin updates and more. We can offer this service to your business on a long term and ongoing basis.
We put increasing emphasis on designing for mobile devices. While creating compelling designs for smaller screens can be a challenge, it is one that we are eager to take on. We have a deep understanding of how users navigate websites on their mobile devices, including which pages they tend to visit first and where their eyes usually go when searching for specific content. This enables us to tailor the design of your website to meet the needs and preferences of your visitors.
To begin our design process, we like to bring everyone together to discuss initial design concepts and preferences. Understanding what you don't like or want is just as important as what you do want. We work with relevant departments within your business to gather content and imagery to use in the design. As we progress through designing your website, we provide regular updates and only move forward when you are satisfied with each stage. This ensures that the final result meets your needs and expectations.
Are you working on a new website project or having difficulty managing an existing website? Our consultancy services can provide you with an outside perspective on your website. We identify areas that may be falling short and provide suggestions and guidance on areas that need improvement and attention. Let us help you optimize your website and achieve your goals.
In our design process, we focus on elements that encourage engagement, such as call-to-action forms, mailing list sign-ups, discount pop-ups, and exit intent actions. We incorporate these elements into the design in a way that makes them easy to implement during the development stage. This helps promote interaction and drive desired actions from users.
Every website we create receives our initial SEO treatment. This includes providing you with the tools and guidance to get your SEO off the ground, as well as optimising all on-page SEO for the pages and designs we create. This means that from the moment your website goes live, it will have the added benefit of being optimised. Specific areas for you to focus ensuring your website has the best chance of ranking well in search engines.


We use a variety of tools in our work, but primarily rely on WordPress as our base platform and Elementor for visual editing. This combination allows us to create user-friendly websites that can be easily managed by our clients without the need for advanced training. The visual editor provided makes it easy for you to make updates and changes to their website on their own, without requiring any specialised knowledge.

The turnaround time for our website design projects can vary, with a typical range of two weeks to two months. This depends on the size and scope of the project, the level of input and collaboration from the business, the availability of existing content, and the design and production of any new content. Factors such as these can impact the timeline for completing the project.

The cost of our website design services varies depending on the specific needs and requirements of each project.  We are happy to work within budget constraints provided by your business and can customise a package to meet your needs. We also offer fixed pricing for specific projects so that there are no unexpected or hidden costs. Let us help you create a website that fits your budget and meets your goals.

Yes, absolutely. We have partnered with hosting providers offering high quality services and eco-friendly credentials, but you are not limited to using this provider.  If you prefer to use a different host or want to move your website to a different platform, you are free to do so at any time. One of the advantages of using WordPress as our website design platform is that you are not locked into any particular website service/platform, such as as you might be with builders like Wix or Squarespace.

We include multiple design revisions into our quotes, this is so you can be confident that if you are not happy with our initial web designs and concepts that we can then work with you closely to create a new design that addresses any areas of concern. We make sure that you are happy with the final result and that your website looks and feels how you imagined.

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