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House of Vulkan

Generating volume sales and conversions for House of Vulkan

House of Vulkan provides parts and fitting services for the Land Rover Defender 90, 110 & 130. With their own fit out room on site in Thetford they are able to provide fitting services in house as well as ship all products direct from their warehouse online internationally.

The Service

We have been working with House of Vulkan to create and launch multiple advertising campaigns in various countries, focusing on their online products that are available for global shipping as well as their on-site fitting service. Our campaigns have been extremely successful, generating sales and revenue that are 50 times the budget. In a short period of time, we have optimised the campaigns for each country and modified the targeting to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In addition to our PPC campaigns, we are also working on organic SEO for House of Vulkan. House of Vulkan needed to optimise their website and improve its ranking for relevant keywords. Despite the typical lag time that occurs when a website is moved and begins ranking organically, we have been able to speed up the process and achieve high rankings within a few weeks.
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PPC Advertising

We have been working with House of Vulkan to create multiple ad campaigns across multiple countries to focus on their online products that they ship globally as well as on site fitting service. Our campaigns have been very successful in generating sales and revenues 50x times their ad campaign budget. Within a short space of time our multiple layered campaigns have each been optimised for each country and targeting modified respectively.


PPC Budget to Sales Generation in a 28 day period


18% of keywords ranking in top 5 within 28 days


Increase in web traffic over 2 weeks v previous initial 2 weeks (showing the optimised campaigns taking effect)