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National Expert Witness Agency

Developing advanced systems for the National Expert Witness Agency

The National Expert Witness Agency offers an independent online source for locating quality expert witnesses from a wide range of professions. Our comprehensive digital directory gives easy access to hundreds of British expert profiles for today’s leading law firms.

The Service

We worked with NEWA through 2022 to finish the new website that has been in development for over 12 months. We took over management of the design and had to complete various design changes on the front end but with the vast majority of our work taking place on the database and the back end.

Integrating features which notify their members when people have visited their profile, integrated mail-outs which pull data direct from the database to create more customised emails and many more integrations.

We host one of the most advanced databases with over 40,000 individual records (of which have over 40 data points each) on our more advanced servers which include Redis object caching which allows for the database and caching to be held in the RAM of the server.
Website Development
Design Adjustments
Initial Search Engine Optimisation
Advanced Database Customisation
Website Hosting
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National Expert Witness Agency

National Expert Witness Agency

One of our larger projects in 2022, we worked with NEWA to bring the design to life and finalise the database functionality and migrate the website over to our advanced scalable server solution.


Development of over 100+ hours of custom coding along with adding custom elements specific to the clients requirements.


Ongoing support and management ensure we provide advanced features and enhancements to future-proof the design.


Migrating the website over to our scalable server, allowing the website to have access to large resources to manage the large database and server resources required.