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Northgate Foods

Creating a scaleable website platform for Northgate Foods Limited

Northgate Foods know that quality products combined with excellent service means better business. They source and supply meat, poultry and seafood products from the best farmers and producers from around the UK, Europe and around the globe.

The Service

For the Northgate Foods website we collaborated with our partners at iDesign4 on the design and photography to create a visually striking and functional website. We helped to develop a unique layout that highlights the different types of meat and sectors that Northgate Foods operates in including interactive maps that can be customised to show the countries where the company operates.

We also created various sections such as a newsroom and partnerships page, enabling easy updates and seamless mobile integration. Overall the website is a great showcase of Northgate Foods' offerings and capabilities.
Website Design
Initial Search Engine Optimisation
Website Hosting

Northgate Foods

iDesign4 was responsible for creating the new branding updating the imagery, and designing the initial website mockup for us to use as a starting point. We then transferred this mockup onto our web platform, Elementor and presented it to the client for review. Based on their feedback we revised the mockup to create the final version of the website.