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April 28, 2024

SEO Client Results for Cambridgeshire Business

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Noel Lees

April 28, 2024 - 3 min


We have worked with our client, based near Cambridge on their SEO for the last 6 months and seen significant growth on their Search Engine visibility as well as increased traffic, engagement and ultimately sales.

Our recent review for our client has highlighted a number of growth elements which we are proud to show you below. Focussing on driving increased visibility on search to grow number of impressions, optimising pages to increase CTR (Click Through Rate) leading to a huge spike in impressions and sessions.


Sessions are up on previous period and currently 73,500 which is up by 165% on the previous years traffic. By having previously worked with this client we setup analytics from the start, allowing us to accurately track historical sessions.

Engagement Rate

We work with our client to drive the right traffic to the website, ensuring we are improving ranks in relevant keyword groups, this helps to boost engagement rate on the website. The engagement rate for our client has shot up as a result by 21% with a high engagement rate of 68.07%

CTR (Click Through Rate)

By analysing how many people see the search result vs how many click onto the website this allows us to work out the CTR, having this metric allows us to track if the search relevancy is best optimised, higher rankings also allow this to grow. The previous CTR was much lower however not awful with 2-4% being average for a lot of businesses.


Another result which we are really happy with and our client has noticed a significant jump in rankings as well as traffic overall. Our impressions growing to 216,000, growth of 65% on the previous period highlights that our work is bringing the website higher in Google search rankings, showing it to more people with a high click rate this also indicates higher ranking overall.

Final notes

We let the data do the talking, linking in directly to analytics, providing you with reports, showing you what is happening and how this is impacting various visibility factors on your website. If you are interested in any of our SEO services, check out our SEO pricing here.

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April 28, 2024

SEO Client Results for Cambridgeshire Business