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Cyted Health Video Shoots & Photography

Producing training videos and promotional photos for Cyted Health

Cyted is a gastrointestinal health company that has created a non-endoscopic diagnostic platform to detect disease early and save lives. Their technologies is transforming access to digestive health for everyone, everywhere.

The Service

In partnership with Cyted, we have produced a series of high-quality videos over several years for use on their website and in nationwide training initiatives. These videos serve as essential guides for medical professionals across the UK, focusing on procedures and best practices.

Our collaborative approach involves meticulous pre-planning with Cyted's teams, ensuring each shoot captures the precise details and moments critical for effective training. We dedicate full days on location, working alongside their medical staff, to capture multiple patient interactions and procedures, ensuring solid footage for comprehensive post-production editing.

Our work with Cyted has garnered significant recognition, earning features in publications including The Times and Sky News..

In February 2024, our most recent collaboration with Cyted involved producing approximately 18 training videos. These videos are tailored for use on Cyted's professional portal and by medical professionals, including GPs throughout the UK, who will be administering Cyted's treatments.

Building on our three-year partnership, we have developed a deep understanding of Cyted's unique requirements, enabling us to consistently deliver end-to-end products that meet their objectives and delivered on time.

While our latest projects are confidential due to their sensitive medical content, we are pleased to showcase previous work produced for Cyted's recruitment efforts. These videos offer insights into the company culture and a tour of their cutting-edge laboratory in Huntingdon. Videos below
Videography / Photography Service | Bury St Edmunds

Cyted Health Video Shoots & Photography

Premium Photography and Videography services. We have an in house studio where we can facilitate portrait photography, food photoshoots or product shots. We also provide on location filming. Services in conjunction with our Studio brand Ned Studio.
Featuring in local & national press
Cyted Interviews - Talking Head
Cyted Lab Walkthrough
Project stills and photos

Filmed Using

We bring all necessary equipment tailored to your specific shoot, and we always create on-site backups to ensure your peace of mind.

Canon R6 Mkii & R5

We use top-of-the-line gear, including Canon R6 Mk II and Canon R5 cameras, paired with gimbals and stabilisation equipment for smooth, professional footage.

Subtitle Generation

Adding accurate subtitles to enhance accessibility and engagement.

Revisions & Backups

We work with you to refine the final product until you're completely satisfied, and we always create on-site backups before we leave to ensure your peace of mind.