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Dr Azoo Cosmetic Clinic

Generating leads and bookings at Dr Azoo Cosmetic Clinic London

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Fillers, skincare and more with your personal cosmetic doctor in Ealing, West London. Dr Louay Azoo is a GMC registered medical doctor with a drive to provide the best non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

The Service

We have been working with Dr. Azoo since 2017, building and developing a new website that launched in 2021. Our services for Louay include social media assistance with content generation, posting schedules, and more. Our SEO efforts for Louay are focused on driving organic traffic and keeping relevant visitors engaged through targeted blog articles, which helps to reduce the bounce rate on the website.

More recently, we have also worked on several PPC Adword campaigns for Dr. Azoo to increase local engagement, phone calls, and online appointment inquiries. These campaigns have been very successful, resulting in an increase of over 45% in traffic and a boost in local awareness on search engines, particularly in a competitive area of London. Overall, our efforts have led to an increase in leads for Dr. Azoo.
Website redesign (Completed in 2021)
Google Adwords PPC Campaigns
Conversion Tracking
Search Engine Optimisation
Monthly management reports
Increase conversions through AdWords campaigns
Social Media Management
Photography (completed in 2023)
Dr Azoo Cosmetic Clinic London

PPC Results

Our work with Dr Azoo we focus on creating and running PPC and social media campaigns, designed to convert clicks into conversions leading to overall increase in bookings. To ensure that our ads are effective as possible we prioritise targeting and make sure that our campaigns are highly targeted such as tailoring who sees the ad, where they are displayed and during what days. We work with our clients to develop each ad and use competitor analysis to create ads that are most likely to engage visitors and be relevant to their interests and needs. By prioritising engagement and relevance we can create ads that are more likely to be seen by the right people and lead to conversions.




Ad Clicks


Interaction rate (Average is normally 4-6%)