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Suffolk Garden Products

Developing an e-commerce website platform for Suffolk Garden Products

Based at their own specialist garden centre at Stonham Barns Park, they have a wide variety of seeds, plants, trees and shrubs, they also sell Suffolk Benches, Suffolk BBQs and Tuscan Pots

The Service

We developed the website for Suffolk Garden Products. We developed a unique layout that showcases the various products offered by the company. We tailored each page to engage the intended audience and included customisable elements on each product page to make them stand out and appeal to specific customers. The result is a website that effectively promotes Suffolk Garden Products and its diverse range of products
Website Design
Initial Search Engine Optimisation
Website Hosting

Suffolk Garden Products

We transferred mockups onto our web platform Elementor and presented it to the client for review. Based on their feedback, we revised the mockup to create the final version of the website.

Tuscan Pots

Each section on the website is designed slightly different, tailored to the customer visiting each niche

Suffolk Benches

Bench sections on the website include colour customisable options, all built from the ground up

Suffolk BBQs

BBQ section includes add on items, bolt ons and offers when combining multiple products together.